Innerhalb der verschiedenen Serien sollte folgende Reihenfolge eingehalten werden.

Auflistung chronologisch nach VÖ (von 2015 bis heute).

Bad Boys & Playthings

Pratt’s Plaything

Vance’s Vixen

Michael’s Mistress

Bittersweet Submission

Bittersweet Discipline

Bittersweet Dominance

Bittersweet Obedience


The Twisted Kingdom

The Twisted Princess

The Twisted King

The Twisted Empire

Catching The Hunter

Loving Miss Killer

The King’s Son

The Hunter’s Daughter

The Girl Named Juliette & The Boy Named Jackson


Tied To (The Moretti Family)

Tied To Rage

Tied To Hate

Tied To Pain

Tied To Fear

Tied To Need

Tied To Vice


Protective Men Trilogy

Don’t Fall In Love – It Might Kill You

Original Sin – Confess To Me

His Broken Toy – Cry For Him


Royal Daddies

Royal Daddy

Royal Seduction

Royal A**hole

Royal Mistake


Mafia Daddies

Deadly Daddy

Dangerous Daddies

Wicked Daddy


Halloween Daddies

Scare Me, Daddy

Treat Me, Daddies

Haunt Me, Daddy

Trick Me, Daddy


Christmas Daddies

Daddy’s Wish

Daddy’s Gift

Nice Daddies

Naughty Dadies

Daddy’s Ho-Ho-Ho


Bad Fairy Tale

Rotten Love

Once Upon A Murder

Fairy Tale Gone Wrong

Never Ever After

Kiss The Snow Queen

Her Big Bad President


Dark Delights

Burial For A Pretty Girl

Alice In The Shallow Grave

Rules Of Pain


Bodyguard Daddies

Daddy, My Guard

Daddy, My Defender

Daddies, My Saviors


SEAL Daddies

Guarding Penny

Claiming Samantha

Securing Emmy

Stealing Victoria


Hellwalkers MC (Biker Daddies)

Prospect Of Hell

President Of Hell

Deputy Of Hell

Sergeant Of Hell

Enforcer Of Hell

Captain Of Hell

Secretary Of Hell (Freebie)


The Delucci Family

Wicked Little Princess

Wicked Little Pain

Wicked Little Pleasure

Wicked Little Price


Creep Duet

Creep: Er beobachtet dich

Creep: Er bekommt dich


Bratva Daddies

Merciless Devotion

Ruthless Devotion

Punishing Devotion


Sleepy Oaks County

Cooking For The Cowboy

Curves For The Cowboy

Carnations For The Cowboy

Fake Cowgirl

Not A Cowgirl

Pretend Cowgirl


Violent Romance

Violent Gentlemen

Violent Christmas


Of Monsters And Demons Duet

Demons Everywhere I Look

Monsters Everywhere I Look


Mistakes Duet

Mistakes Like You

Mistakes Like Us


The Falcone Sisters

Cruel Heiress

Reckless Heiress

Untouchable Heiress

Dangerous Heiress


Stalking Her Duet

What Looms In The Dark

What Blooms In The Dirt


Summer Island Daddies

Oceanview Resort & Spa: The Bungalow

Oceanview Resort & Spa: The Suite

Oceanview Resort & Spa: The Cabana

Oceanview Resort & Spa: The Villa


The Mancini Brothers

Running The Family Business

Risking The Family Business

Ruining The Family Business

Rescuing The Family Business

Alle Einzeltitel können in beliebiger Reihenfolge gelesen werden.

Auflistung chronologisch nach VÖ (von 2015 bis heute).


Scars & Scarlett

Sinister – Finsteres Begehren


Sultry Shadows

Blood In The Ink

A Pretty Mess

Dirty Diary

Soul On Ice

Darker Minds

Good Boys Gone Bad – Verlangen (GBGB 2)

Sugar Daddy Issues

How To Ruin Me

Pure Venom

Crimson Hunger

Please Destroy Me

All Those Ugly Lies

The Diamond Deal

Vengeance Is His

Silent Night, Killing Night

My Tears, His Smile

Daddy, Be Mine: A Valentine’s Slasher

Hurt Me

Dark Pleasure – Von ihm gefesselt

The Line We Don’t Cross: Mehr als ein Spiel

Pleasing Him

The Saint Of Killers

Daddy’s Deception

Nasty Little Lies

The Truth About Amber

Ever And A Day

Stalking His Prey

Good Girls Kneel

Poison In Our Veins

The Taste Of Tears

Perfectly Wrong

Twice The Tricks And Treats: A Dark Daddy Halloween Story

When Santa Is Bad

The Ghost Of Her Mistakes

Daddy’s Dark Rules

Cold Stranger: Du bist meine Erlösung

The Ballad Of Carter Roux

His Dad

Corrupted Hearts

Delicate Goods

Make Me Yours, Daddy

No-Leaf Clover

Santa's Treat

Where Good Intentions Go To Die

Wells Manor

Truly Problematic



Obeying Daddy

17 Crimes

Secretary Of Hell

His Gift For Her

Snowed In With The Stalker

His Captive

The Killing Queen

The Monster and the Puppet

Tempting Heir


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